About The Company

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Bad Ass Motor Trikes Inc. was established in 2005 by Rick Zentz. I have modified, fabricated, built, rebuilt, purchased, sold and traded Harley Davidson's and other brand motorcycles for the last 40 years. As I started to slow down to about 70 mph, I concluded it was perhaps time to build that long awaited Bad Ass Motor Trike.

My vision was to create purpose-built trikes with never-before-seen,dynamic body styling. Trikes that are fast, trikes that are built long, low, and wide for superior handling. Trikes with brakes that will stop you on a dime. These trikes are not your great-grandfather's trikes of the last 4 decades.

Projects on the drawing board are to develop and introduce 2 totally new body designs each year for the next 5 years. Rollers are also available for the person with the vision and skills to make the trike truly one of a kind. I hope you enjoy the photo galleries and perhaps I'll see you on the open road one of these days.

Rick Zentz