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Bulletproof Build Sheet
Background infor. Owner: Rick Zentz / Bad Ass Motor Trikes
Name: Bullet Proof
Model: Custom
Year: 2010
Fabrication: Rick Zentz
Assembly: Rick Zentz
Paint: Rick Zentz
Color: Lipstick Red
Build Time: 10 months

Motor Spec.
Year: 2009
Mfg.: RevTech
Displacement: 110 cu. in.
Ignition: RevTech
Carburetor: Mikuni 42 mm Flat - Slide
Exhaust: Rick Zentz
Motor Mount: Solid

Year: 2009
Mfg.: RevTech
Shifting: 5-Speed / With Reverse / Solid Mount

Year: 2009
Mfg.: Rick Zentz / Paughco
Construction: TIG Welded
Style: Swing Arm
Neck Rake: 38 deg.

Year: 2009
Mfg.: Harley Davidson
Type: Hydraulic

Rear End
Year: 2009
Mfg.: Rick Zentz
Type: Solid Axle / Limited Slip / Chain Drive
Style: Coil Over Stocks

Front: Rick Zentz
Rear: 18 x 8

Front: Single / Caliper / Rotor
Back: Dual / Calipers / 10.5 in. Rotors

Designer: Rick Zentz
Mfg.: Rick Zentz
Body: Rick Zentz
Front Fender: Rick Zentz
Gas Tank Cover: Rick Zentz
Lower Frame Fairing: Rick Zentz
Seat Pan: Rick Zentz

Tow Behind Trailer
Designer: Rick Zentz
Mfg.: Rick Zentz
Type: Solid Axle
Wheels: 18 x 8
Brakes: Extra Set of Rotors Only
Weight Limit: Internal Storage 500 lbs